The How To’s of Stabilizing an Embankment

stabilizing an embankment

The How To’s of Stabilizing an Embankment

Stabilizing an embankment can be done in one of three ways. A civil construction company has the skill set to deliver the options that you need for stabilizing an embankment. Whether it is a gabion wall or anchored wall system, the right civil construction contractor has the solution.

A stable embankment solution is vital to public safety. Having the support of an expert on your team will ensure your embankment project comes together effortlessly and delivers the safety and protection your community deserves.

The Options for Stabilizing an Embankment

The right solution for stabilizing an embankment can be either a single solution or a combination of solutions including:

  • Gabion wall
  • Build a terrace wall
  • Build a concrete retaining wall

It can be a challenge to stabilize an embankment. Depending on the slope of the embankment and what it is connected too will direct the best practice for ensuring the embankment is stable.

Gabion Wall Contractor

A gabion wall is one of the best choices for creating a stabile embankment. It allows vegetation to grow through and delivers some great benefits. These walls are flexible and can withstand a great deal of movement. It is an ingenious way to keep even embankments with deep slopes safe.

The gabion is built using wire and rocks. The wire is the form that keeps the rocks stable and that also allows the wall to move. They are better than rip-rap walls on extreme slopes and can be used in a wide range of settings.

Gabion walls can be constructed quickly and allow vegetation to grow through to further shore up the stability of the wall. This is an ideal solution for embankments around channels, waterways, and roadways.

Retaining Walls and Terrace Walls

Other embankment options are retaining walls and terrace walls but neither work as well as the Gabion wall option when it comes to stabilizing an embankment around water. Choosing the best option for your embankment needs starts with hiring the civil construction experts that have the experience and the commitment to ensure your project is done right.

Getting the most bang for your budget means getting a stable embankment that will deliver unmatched service for years to come.

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