Retaining Walls: What They Are and How They Can Help

Retaining Walls: What They Are and How They Can Help

preventing erosion from water runoffPreventing erosion from water runoff is an important job that many will have to contemplate when building commercial infrastructures. Typically, retaining walls are used for earth retention and keeping water runoff from damaging the surrounding landscape and building infrastructure.

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is something you might see around a building at the base of a steep slope, for instance. They are used in preventing erosion from water runoff in order to protect the surrounding area and building from damage as a result. They can be made of various materials, including concrete or grated riprap. They need to be strong enough to withstand the forces of erosion, flooding, or other types of damage associated with the downward velocity of materials on a steep slope.

What are the benefits of retaining walls?

Besides preventing erosion from water runoff damaging the building and surrounding landscape, they can also be a great method of providing privacy. Many hotels and apartment buildings where guest’s privacy is taken into considerable account utilize retaining walls as a method of maintaining the privacy of those coming in and out of the building. Retaining walls can also create a powerful aesthetic to any scenery, with large towering walls. These walls can also be adorned with plants and other decorations to give the building and area a more scenic aesthetic as well. Moreover, for properties that are on steep slopes, the amount of usable space is drastically reduced. In conjunction with concrete walkways and patios, retaining walls can create more usable outdoor space.

If your property is positioned on a steep slope, then you should consider having retaining walls put in by professionals. Retaining walls can be incredibly helpful in maintaining the integrity of your property and adding more usable space but they are only as effective as their implementation. Having concrete poured into molds by any company isn’t going to get you the results you need. Not to mention that retaining walls over four feet require the skills of an engineer as well as needing to adhere to local building codes. A professional company will analyze your specific needs and create a complete solution which may or may not involve a retaining wall.

For more information about retaining walls or to have your property assessed, call Stoic Civil Construction today.

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