Preventing Erosion from Water Runoff: Soil Nail Walls

preventing soil erosion due to water runof

Preventing Erosion from Water Runoff: Soil Nail Walls

Preventing erosion from water runof is an important aspect in construction projects involving water retention. This is especially necessary when a crew plans on excavating an area before it begins work on a structure itself. However, preventing erosion from water runoff can become confusing to the average person who may not be familiar with retaining walls. The goal is to stabilize the surrounding soil, so it does not get into the project area during excavation. 750 million dollars is spent annually on repairing shallow landslides, which earth retention methods could help to alleviate.

What are Earth Retention Systems?

Earth retention systems are designed to have control of soil erosion, preventing erosion from water runof. This process is generally implemented when safe sloping the excavation is not a possible option. Instead, the soil will need to be retained laterally. There are traditional techniques for earth retention, including steel piling and lagging. However, these may not work for every instance, especially situations in urban developments. There are also permanent and temporary options available. You will need to contact a specialist subcontractor, skilled in earth retention, in order to determine the most efficient course of action.

Soil Nail Walls

One means of preventing erosion from water runof and providing earth retention is soil nail walls. This is when a pattern of soil nails are installed along a slope or on the face to provide stabilization. These are not like your typical building nails. These nails are tension-resisting steel nails, which are installed into the ground for reinforcement. Drainage systems are able to be incorporated into the nailed wall. This technique is most suitable for fim clays and weatheredock. It is not typically recommended for peat, saturated soils, or cinder. The soil nail technique is a cost-effective option that provides optimal results.

In construction projects involving excavation, preventing soil erosion due to water runof is an important aspect to consider. Not considering these key details could jeopardize an entire project. Providing yourself and your crew with proper retaining walls is necessary as part of a construction project. The professionals at Stoic Civil Construction can help you decide which option is best for you.

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