Keeping Your Home Protected Against Soil Erosion: What Works

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Keeping Your Home Protected Against Soil Erosion: What Works

Soil erosion is potentially dangerous to your property and your home as a whole. You can experience soil erosion on your property if you live on a downhill slope, live near the ocean, have a sandy foundation that your home rests on, or have a weaker landscape that needs reinforcement.

You want to keep your home in healthy condition and prevent soil from eroding as much as possible, which will protect not just your home but your land as well. Abatement protection is necessary to keep your home in healthy condition. Use this guide to teach you the many ways you can keep water runoff and soil erosion from damaging your property.

Beneficial Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are healthy for keeping your home in healthy condition, longer. You can do your part to take care of your property by adding this type of structure to the front of your property just as the slope begins. This method of preventing erosion from water runoff will help not only keep your home’s foundation from flooding, but will also help to make your landscape more attractive and appealing.

Keep in mind that making a retaining wall that is larger than a certain size, such as four feet, will require more in-depth construction and following building codes. Choose earth retention contractors for this type of work.

Concrete Sidewalks

Upgrading your current sidewalks to walkways that are designed out of concrete can help keep earth retention at its best. Since concrete is a stable building material and can aide in abatement protection, talk to your construction expert about this type of common home construction improvement.

Water Flow Control

Controlling water flow is essential to keeping your property safe from both soil erosion and water runoff. You can perform this type of task in a variety of ways: you can upgrade your home’s drainage system and install an underground drain that runs from your gutters. You can also install drainage chains to help pull water away from your home.

Installing gravel on your property around basement windows or flower gardens can also help with preventing soil erosion and damages from water runoff. Your contractor will work with you to help you find out the best abatement protection practices that will work out well for your needs.

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