Important Qualities To Look For In Types Of Lining

Important Qualities To Look For In Types Of Lining

canal liningChannel lining, or canal lining, is meant to make the process of water conveyance more efficient and sustainable. By lining the channels by which water travels, you’re also minimizing water loss that occurs because of seepage. The are many different types of lining that you can use to reduce losses from seepage, including stone, cement, brick or tile, shotcrete, and stabilized earth. Choose the right one for your needs by knowing the qualities that you should look for and how they impact the lining’s performance.

  • Durability: A channel’s lining won’t be effective unless it can withstand constant pressure, wear, and weathering. As there are salts present in the soil, the lining should also be able to withstand the chemical action these salts enact. Thermal and moisture changes also affect the quality of channel lining over time. Out of the many types of lining, concrete is one of the most compressively strong, holding up to 20,000 psi and handling between 3,000 and 7,000 psi more commonly.
  • Hydraulic Efficiency: A channel’s carrying capacity has an inverse relationship with the value of the lined surface’s coefficient of roughness. In turn, the coefficient of roughness increases as the lined surface deteriorates over time. Essentially, to have an optimal carrying capacity for a channel, you should look for types of lining that have a low coefficient of roughness. As tile is smooth, it is considered one of the most hydraulically efficient.
  • Structural Stability: Just as the channel lining needs to be durable to last for a long time, it should also be reasonably stable. A better structural stability means that the lining will be better able to withstand the differential subsoil water pressure that is put upon it.
  • Imperviousness: The entire purpose of channel lining is to reduce seepage losses as much as possible, so the imperviousness of types of canal lining is incredibly important. When lining water channels, you want your lining to have the maximum degree of water-tightness. Options like cement and concrete lining are more impervious than an option like tile lining.

Channel lining is an important component of our waterways and system, but you would never know it from the outside. Choose the right type of lining, and you’ll have a well-built water channel that will last for years.

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