Control of Soil Erosion Fights Pollution

control of soil erosion

Control of Soil Erosion Fights Pollution

Most municipalities do not think of control of soil erosion as a way to protect waterways but it is. Pollution coming from land sources account for about 80% of marine pollutants. Control of soil erosion is a simple solution to improve the health of your waterways.

Soil erosion is a tremendous problem in low lying areas, as it can affect the stability of the roadways, sidewalks, and other structures. It can also cause pollutants to infiltrate the waterways.

Benefits of Control of Soil Erosion

With the proper soil erosion solutions, you can find cost savings. When soil stays put and stays out of canals and other waterways, it is good for the environment. Savings can be realized by protecting the waterways and avoiding expensive cleanup costs.

Erosion control can also reduce the cost of roadway repairs. Keeping the soil in place using a highly effective method can help to prevent undue wear and tear to roadways, walkways, bridges, and other structures.

With the right solutions, there can be cost savings on labor costs for maintenance, repair costs, and maintenance costs. Addressing the problem of soil erosion is not only good for the environment it is good for the municipality as well.

The Right Solutions

Of course, protecting the waterways and saving on costs due to erosion is highly dependent on having the right control of soil erosion solution. Gabion walls have long been heralded as an ideal affordable solution.

A gabion wall contractor can help you to decide if this is the right solution for soil erosion control around waterways. Other potential solutions that the earth retention contractor may offer include:

  • Other types of retaining walls
  • A combination of canal lining solutions with retaining walls
  • Other wall systems

There can be a few “right” solutions for your control of soil erosion. Discussing options with an expert in earth retention will give you the information that you need to make an informed decision. Budget, topography, and function will all play a role in what the retention expert will have on the drawing board to solve your soil erosion problem.

Save Money While You Protect the Environment

What is good for the environment is good for your municipality. Get the support you need today for control of soil erosion.

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