About Us


Stoic Civil Construction, Inc is a specialty subcontractor in the greater DFW area focused on installation of earth retention, soil erosion control and hard armorment products in municipal, infrastructure and drainage projects.   Primarily employed as a subcontractor for site, heavy highway and utility contractors; we are experienced, dependable and flexible to meet your needs.


Stoic Civil Construction is named after the ancient philosophy of Stoicism.  While the totality of the philosophy is dated and not applicable to modern life, many of the basic tenets of the philosophy still ring true today and can be applied to the modern world to make us a stronger, calmer and a much more capable community.

Our Team

Stoic is lead by James Fee, a second generation contractor who has spent the past 17 years as a construction executive in this specialized field and in this geographic market.


Stoic enjoys a tremendously talented management staff.

– Aaron Neron – Estimator/Project Manager

– “Rockin” Robin Reed – Operations
– Andrew Mark – General Superintendent

– Francisco Perez – Superintendent