About the Different Types of Retention Systems

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About the Different Types of Retention Systems

Earth retention systems help immensely when it comes to controlling water flow and maintaining control of soil erosion. By working with experienced earth retention contractors, you can ensure an area stays safer and that pressure from the materials in the surrounding area do not take their toll on the landscape and trigger damage or injury.

All in all, right around $750 million is spent every single year to repair landslides that could have been avoided with earth retention systems. By investing in necessary services as soon as possible, you could wind up saving time, money, stress, and personal injury.

Earth retention systems also keep our water systems less polluted. By holding back soil and working to keep it where it belongs, we could help reduce the 80% of annual marine pollution caused by land-based sources.

What types of earth retention systems are out there for us to utilize? Learn more below.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls essentially block soil and earth materials from sloping and sliding as they are naturally prone to do. These walls can be made from a wide range of materials and, as long as they stop the earth behind them from moving forward, they are doing their job effectively. Retaining walls are used in landscaping, construction sites, commercial properties, and more, and they serve a very important purpose in our world.

Anchored Wall Systems

Anchored wall systems offer the extra support a wall might require to prevent cracking or other types of damage. It is essentially a way of adding a brace to the current wall by digging a rod through it and into the earth behind it at an angle. It is a fairly simple process that does not take a lot of time, and it could wind up saving you a lot in repair costs.

Soil Nail Applications

Soil nailing stabilizes slopes and inclines by inserted bars or plates into the soil at an angle. These bars represent the “nails,” and they keep things stable and in place throughout the construction process.

Gravity Wall Systems

A gravity wall is meant to stand on its own, without the use of reinforcement. They must be constructed in a way where they will stay strong and supported, despite potentially face a pushback from the earth behind them.

We Can Help

On top of our anchored wall systems and the other types of earth retention services listed above, we also offer temporary shoring methods, gabion walls, and segmental concrete block walls. Talk with our experts today to find the best options for your needs. We would love to help you out soon.

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