3 Methods of Stabilizing An Embankment

3 Methods of Stabilizing An Embankment

stabilizing an embankmentNot every embankment or slope is subject to erosion or movement, and for the majority of embankments, the soil won’t move at all — or very little. Yet, stabilizing an embankment is typically something you would do for a very steep slope, one that is significantly prone to erosion and landslides.

Earth retention can come in many forms, particularly in an effort to stabilize embankments. In fact, the various methods of earth retention can help reduce the $750 million in annual costs to repair shallow landslides. There are many ways of earth retention to stabilize an embankment and below are just a few.

Plant grass and shrubbery

One of the simplest ways of stabilizing an embankment is to plant grass and shrubs. Plant roots are particularly good at holding the soil together, which helps reduce the chance of erosion. The vegetation above ground also creates a barrier that cushions raindrops and slows them down before they hit the soil, making it harder for the rain to cause erosion. Any type of plant that creates a low but dense cover is ideal for reducing erosion.

Use erosion control mats

Many manufacturers offer mats that help with the control of soil erosion. Mats can be composed of natural fiber, biodegradable, and compost materials. These are often used before vegetation roots have taken a strong enough hold to withstand landslides and heavy rainfall and will typically break down over time.

Build Terraces

Terraces can be an effective, yet aesthetic, way to reduce soil erosion. Terraces are often used for embankments that are extremely steep and at a high risk of soil erosion, particularly since planting grass and shrubs becomes virtually ineffective at a high degree of slope. Terraces can be constructed of almost any material, although concrete tends to be a popular option due to its strength and durability in most applications. Terrace beds can also then be used to plant vegetation to add a natural beauty to otherwise concrete structures.

There are many ways of stabilizing an embankment, and it’s important to contact a company that can offer you the best solution and quality work. At Stoic Construction, we strive to provide you with the best material and work that you won’t be able to get from any other civil construction company, so give us a call today.

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