3 Advantages Of Installing Retaining Walls

retaining walls

3 Advantages Of Installing Retaining Walls

While Mother Nature often has her own ideas about what she wants to do, humans can build structures like retaining walls to contain land and prevent disasters. Earth retention methods can assist in decreasing the $750 million that is spent every year on repairing shallow landslides. In addition to landslide prevention, retaining walls have these important benefits.


Prevent Soil Erosion


Even if your landscape isn’t prone to landslides, soil erosion happens everywhere. Wind and water both work to wear away at soil, especially if there are no trees or shrubs to hold the soil in place. When walls are built around an area of vulnerable land, it gives extra support to the soil and allows it to remain in place. Retaining walls help to reduce sharp gradients in a landscape, thereby preventing erosion from water runoff as well. While they assist with the control of soil erosion, walls will be controlling water flow to keep soil healthier by allowing water to soak right into it rather than running off of it.




By building walls for retaining methods, you’re also adding an interesting design element to the landscape. Depending on the materials used to build the walls and the height of them, they can add aesthetic value to an area. The materials of the walls can vary from natural stone for a more traditional look to sculpted granite for a more modern design. When they’re built at the right height, walls for earth retention can also double as a seating wall. If built at varied heights in an eye-catching design, retaining walls can turn into structural wonders.


Low Maintenance


Once in place, walls built for retention will need minimal attention to maintain their quality. The walls are typically built with natural materials that can stand up to harsh conditions. Even weather such as rain, sleet, snow, and wind won’t be able to do much damage to these sturdy walls. As they can hold up against nearly anything, you won’t have to spend much money or time in maintaining them and can trust them to do their job.


If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to stabilize your land while keeping it nice to look at, retaining walls are your answer. Invest in them today, and the results will be well worth it.

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